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Which is better, filtered water or boiled water?

Which water is safe to drink?

For our survival, we need water. Nevertheless, obtaining clean water has grown more difficult as a result of population growth, environmental contamination, and the loss of natural resources. For those who can afford it, the market is inundated with different types of filters, and for others who cannot, it is advised to boil tap water before drinking it.

But which is a better technique to guarantee water’s purity? To avoid illnesses like jaundice, typhoid, and diarrhoea that are water-borne, even experts advise drinking boiling water. But when heated water is advised by medical professionals, this calls into question the need for filtered water and how it is beneficial for us. Here is a detailed analysis of both the processes and which one is more useful.

Is tap water okay to drink?

If you believe that drinking water straight from the faucet is safe, you need to think again. Since the water treatment facility uses chlorine and fluoride to kill microorganisms, it is considered that the water leaving the facility is safe and uncontaminated.

Water might attract more impurities while being gathered in storage and treatment facilities because the pipelines through which it flows and enters our homes could not be clean. You must read this if you believe that the water that comes out of the faucet is pure.

But since people are getting aware of the quality of drinking water, several measures are being taken at the government level to provide safe drinking water to the whole country.

Why is boiling water necessary?

One of the earliest techniques for obtaining safe drinking water is boiling, which is also a common household water treatment technique. Boiling water primarily serves the aim of eradicating any microorganisms that may be present.

Although boiling water is a tried-and-true method, it has some drawbacks. Additionally, there are additional, more efficient, simple, and practical water filtration techniques accessible. Boiling the water helps get rid of microorganisms that can’t handle high temperatures.

However, if you believe that boiling can remove impurities and other substances, you are mistaken! Make sure the water is continually boiled for at least 20 minutes to kill those unseen water-borne viruses and bacteria. If you boil it any less than that, then the water is not safe for drinking purposes. The process also does not dissolve impurities like lead, arsenic, magnesium and nitrates.

The filtered water – Is it good to drink?

Purified water is seen as safer to drink than boiled water. In order to make tap or polluted water pathogen-free, a water purifier can assist remove pollutants, chemicals, and microorganisms from the water. There are many technologies that aid in cleaning water and making it drinkable, ranging from RO to UV water purifiers. Additionally, it lessens the need for bottled water.

Benefits of drinking safe water

Since safe water contains all the essential minerals and vitamins, it is also proven to support a strong immune system. Along with accelerating metabolism and improving skin health, it also aids in weight loss.


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