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Turkish nuclear reactor receives new construction order from Russia’s Rosatom

TSM Enerji has been given the job of finishing the construction work at the $20 billion nuclear power station that Russia’s Rosatom is developing in Akkuyu, southern Turkey, the business stated on Saturday.


Following the termination of its contract with the Turkish company IC Ictas, Akkuyu Nukleer, a Rosatom subsidiary that is building four reactors at the site on the Mediterranean, said that it had signed the engineering, procurement, and construction contract with TSM.


According to the Turkish trade registration, three Russian businesses hold TSM.


‘All tasks covered by active subcontracts will be given to TSM. TSM and subcontractors will sign comparable new contracts Without providing a reason,’ Akkuyu Nukleer claimed in a statement that the IC Ictas arrangement had been dissolved.


It stated that the agreement with TSM would guarantee that work was finished by previously established dates and that employees were paid on schedule.


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