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Do these simple sex tips before having sex

There are some common questions that comes in the mind of everybody when it comes to sex like what your partner likes in bed, whether you will be able to satisfy them or not, what they will be expecting you to be like. Here are some simple tips that you should always do before having sex.

Stimulating brain: Sex begins in the mind. So, by reading erotica or visually imagining sex will stimulate the brain. This will help you to better your performance.

Use Your Hands: One of the simple tips is to hold the hands of your partner. This will make her whole body to feel good

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Be a Marine: Go to beaches with her. As per studies walling along the water bodies like beach, the lake, a pool will help your. The proximity of water causes a relaxing effect that may help calm libido-killing jitters.

Cucumber Salad: As per studies, women experience increased vaginal blood flow after being exposed to the scents of cucumber. So, prepare a Cucumber Salad for her.

Dim lights: Dim lights will make the act hotter. As per sexologists, women are concerned with the appearance of their naked bodies that they find it difficult to enjoy themselves in bed. So, dim the lights it will make her feel less self-conscious and more relaxed.

Feed Her Fantasies: Women think about sex an average of 19 times a day. Gift her  a book of erotic stories, and ask her to read her favorite passage. For women, anticipating sex can be as exciting as the actual event. So, start early.

Keep Her Guessing: Tease her to please her. Squeeze a cheek while she’s waiting for coffee to brew, kiss her deeply  as you both head out the door. Build tension before you part ways, then let it linger for later.


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