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Why you should never take a shower right after a meal

Bathing is regarded as a cooling process that lowers body temperature.

Dr. Rekha Radhamony, an Ayurvedic physician of the fourth generation, claims that taking a shower right after eating food slows circulation, which in turn slows down the digestive fire.

It takes a lot of energy and blood flow toward the stomach to digest food. So, according to Ayurveda, taking a shower right after a meal is blasphemous.

In a recent Instagram post, Dr Rekha said that ideally, the right time to take shower is 1-3 hours before a meal.

Medical science concurs with Ayurveda in that it claims that when blood flow is redirected, the body temperature abruptly becomes unbalanced and digestion is slowed.

But when you take a warm shower, a mechanism known as hyperthermic activity stimulates the body and is thought to be healthy for it. It is said that taking a warm shower or bath will calm your nervous system while also boosting your immune system and taste glands, which will aid in removing toxins from your body.

Of all the negative side effects of this behaviour, obesity, weight gain, and a compromised digestive system are possible outcomes! Negative effects may also be shown on a person’s immunity. As a result, one should avoid taking a shower right after a bath in the future and schedule their days accordingly.


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