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‘Reverse shopping’ campaign in three Belgian cities by Decathlon!

In an effort to encourage reverse purchasing, Decathlon, a significant sports products company, has chosen to change its name backward for one month. Now, businesses in three Belgian cities will have signs that say ‘NOLHTACED’ on them! Three locations—in Evere, Namur, and Ghent—in Belgium have undergone name changes. When spelled backwards, Decathlon is pronounced ‘NOLHTACED,’ and the corporation is utilising this marketing tactic in the hopes that it would encourage people to ‘reverse shop’.

Reverse shopping typically comprises customers returning old or undesired sporting equipment to the store, who will then repair the item and resell it in some way while still under warranty. The goal of the activity is to raise public awareness of ecologically friendly practises. Another noteworthy aspect of this action is that Decathlon is removing all sports equipment, not just the things that people have bought from them.

French sports products retailer Decathlon has more than 1,600 outlets globally. After being established by Michel Leclercq in 1976, the company entered the Indian markets in 2009. After the Russian invasion of Ukraine started in February of this year, a large number of foreign businesses, primarily Western ones, stopped doing business in Russia. Decathlon’s decision to continue operating as usual drew harsh criticism and a boycott from customers. On March 29, Decathlon announced that all of its activities had come to a close and that none of its stores were still operational.


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