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Pentagon reportedly intends to support the Starlink network in Ukraine

According to Politico, the Pentagon is considering supporting Elon Musk’s Starlink network in the conflict-torn Ukraine. The Starlink network assisted in reestablishing communication throughout Ukraine and aided the military in offensive operations. Two US officials involved in the conversation were mentioned by Politico.

Pentagon and the US Department of Defense’s Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative made no quick reaction.

Recently, Musk had stated that his business, SpaceX, which runs the Starlink network, will not be able to fund the Ukrainian network indefinitely. Musk made this declaration after the Ukrainian ambassador to Germany warned him to ‘f*** off’ for putting up a ‘solution’ to the Ukraine-Russian conflict.

The Ukrainian camp rejected Musk’s proposed alternative. Musk had also said that the Pentagon should pay up for the network in Ukraine.

Over the weekend, Musk reversed course and declared that investment for the Starlink network in Ukraine would continue.

Ukraine’s Vice Prime Minister Mykhailo Fedorov said last week that Starlink’s services helped rebuild energy and communications infrastructure in crucial areas. Starlink has assisted Ukraine’s people and soldiers in staying online during the war.

Earlier this year, on February 24, Russia invaded Ukraine. Russian forces had to retreat in the face of a Ukrainian counteroffensive in the country’s east after making consistent territorial advances in the first few months of the conflict.


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