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Know the importance of sex in marriage

It is known fact that sex is important in  married life. Sex is the most intimate way of expressing love and affection. It is passionate, intense and pleasurable.

In today’s life, the stress, anxiety and frustration make a couple emotionally and physically estranged. This will affect the relationship too. So in order to overcome this  situation couples must know and remember how important sex is for marriage.

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Increases intimacy: Sex boosts intimacy in a marriage. During sex, feel-good hormones known as oxytocin gets released into the body. This hormones encourages positive and lovey-dovey emotions between you and your partner. Sex also allows a couple to deeply indulge in each other without thinking about the rest of the world.

Reduces stress: Sex is known as a stress reliever. It completely relaxes you and relieves you of tension or any kind of frustration. Sex can improve your blood circulation, mood and also boosts the production of dopamine in your brain that helps you feel better.

Increases the felling of togetherness: Sex increases the feeling of togetherness in couple. When a married couple  has sex frequently, it helps them to renew their married life.

Boosts confidence: Sex makes you feel wanted by your partner. The more you engage in sex with your partner, the greater your confidence will grow.


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