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Climate activists attach themselves to a dinosaur display in Berlin museum

Two environmental activists stayed glued to a display of a dinosaur skeleton at Berlin’s Natural History Museum on Sunday to voice their opposition to the German government’s climate policies.

After famous artworks were destroyed in various ways throughout Europe, it was the most recent museum protest by climate activists.

In Berlin, two women secured themselves to metal poles holding up a dinosaur skeleton that was 60 million years old while waving a placard that read, ‘What if the government doesn’t have everything under control?’

One of the women, Caris Connell, said she was afraid of ‘forest fires, water shortages, famines, and war.’

‘Dinosaurs died out, because they could not withstand massive changes to the climate. That is also threatening us,’ added the 34-year-old.

As a mother of four children, the other activist, Solvig Schinkoethe, expressed alarm about the impacts of climate change.

‘Peaceful resistance is the way we have chosen to protect our children from the deadly ignorance of governments,’ said the 42-year-old.

They asked Berlin’s administration to take prompt action to decrease pollution, such as by limiting highway speeds and implementing more affordable public transportation.

Authorities resolved the situation, according to the museum, in less than an hour. In a statement, it was revealed that there had been property damage and that there had been criminal charges filed.


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