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Heidi Klum reveals images of huge worm costume from her yearly Halloween party

Heidi Klum’s Halloween attire makes headlines. Klum revealed her Halloween attire for this year on Monday, appropriately shocking and surprising everyone in the process. The former supermodel donned a lifelike, enormous worm costume for her yearly Halloween party.

On Monday in New York, Klum threw her 21st annual Halloween party. Every year around Halloween, the parties are known as the main event, and Klum is famed for showing up in outrageous costumes each time.

Her eerie outfit was a part of a couple’s Halloween costume. Tom Kaulitz, her husband, was decked up as a fisherman with a bleeding eye.

The image came up on the Instagram page for Amazon Prime. The judge from ‘America’s Got Talent’ was spotted moving around while dressed as a worm.

‘Trick or treat, now to see who I will be,’ Klum is seen mouthing before the dramatic reveal. ‘Happy Halloworm! love, @heidiklum’ the caption read.

The purpose of organising Halloween parties, according to Klum in a recent interview, is to get guests to ‘go out of their comfort zone.’

Regarding the event, which was hosted by Now Screaming x Prime Video and Bailey’s Irish Cream Liqueur, Klum remarked, ‘I think it is fun for people to be someone else for the night.’ ‘I believe that most people enjoy being frightened.’



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