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These habits may lower your sex drive

All people wants   have a good sex life. But, many people feel that sometimes their sexual drive, libido suffers. There are many reasons  for this.

Here are some habits that will have a negative influence on your sex drive.

Coffee:  Coffee tends to affect your sex drive. Caffeine gives a boost but it is more for a quickie. When you consume too much of it, your adrenal glands over-function, releasing stress hormones which prevent your sexual functioning.

Sleeplessness: Less amount of sleep and rest leads to a lower sex drive.  Insomnia due to stress too can take down your libido as your mind is engaged in negative thoughts. It can in fact lead to sexual dysfunction.

Bad smell: Smell make  a big difference to your sex drive. If he /she does not use a deo, smells of sweat, food it will certainly lower you sex drive.

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Dirty surroundings:  If you have a dirty apartment, soiled sheets and pillows, a carpet you feel may be full of dirt or bugs now, sex may become the last thing in your lives.

Sugar: Taking too much sugar is not good for sex drive. Sugar increases your insulin levels which stores belly fat, you lose muscle mass and your testosterone levels spiral. For men the sugar affects their estrogen levels, which further leads to erectile dysfunction.



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