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Delhi murder case victim’s friends say she wanted to leave Aftab but couldn’t.

Aftab Poonawala’s common friend, who allegedly murdered his live-in girlfriend Shraddha Walkar and chopped her body into at least 35 pieces to dispose of it, has been summoned for questioning by Delhi Police. Shraddha’s family was alarmed when her friend, Lakshman Nadar, informed her father that he had not spoken to her in nearly three months.

Shraddha’s family attempted (and failed) to contact her after receiving Nadar’s message, and then checked her social media to find no updates in more than two months. As a result, the father filed a complaint with Mumbai Police, which was later transferred to Delhi.

According to media reports, Nadar worked with Shraddha at a call centre in 2019; that was the year she met Aftab on a dating app. The couple then worked together at a fitness equipment and clothing store.

The couple’s families, according to Nadar, disapproved of their relationship. During this time, Aftab and Shraddha shared a rented apartment in Naigon East for nearly two years.

Nadar claims the couple did fight frequently; after one such incident in 2020, her friends stopped short of reporting Aftab to the police.

‘Shraddha sent me a WhatsApp message… telling me if I did not get her out of her house, Aftab would kill her. We warned him but stopped short of reporting him to the police, as Shraddha told us not to. We respected her wishes and left,’ Nadar said.

Both Nadar and another friend, Rajat Shukla, said the couple appeared to be happy at first. Rajat told ANI that the fighting started because Shraddha wanted to leave him but ‘couldn’t.’ ‘I was shaken to the core of my soul that my friend has been murdered. She told us in 2019 she was in a relationship since 2018… initially they lived happily but Shraddha started saying Aftab beats her. She wanted to leave but couldn’t do so.’

He also stated that Shraddha’s life had become ‘very difficult,’ and that it had ‘become like hell.’ Rajat stated that contact with Aftab and Shraddha had nearly ceased after they relocated to Delhi.


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