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Yoga will make your sex life better

It is well approved that yoga helps to improve overall physical and mental health. Yoga reduces  depression, anxiety, metabolic syndrome, diabetes and thyroid problems. Yoga lowers cortisol and increases protein, which helps maintain brain growth, youth and health.

A recent study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine revealed that yoga improve sexual function in women. The study was conducted   among 40 women. They practiced yoga for  12 weeks.

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The study found that after 12 weeks, women’s sexual function improved significantly. Seventy-five percent of women report improvement in their sex lives after practicing yoga. The researchers found that they improve the abdominal muscles and improve mood.

‘Improvements were found in all aspects of male sexual satisfaction. Sexual satisfaction, erection, ejaculation control and orgasm were also examined,’ said  Dr. VikasDhikav, neurologist at Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital.

Earlier, a research carried out by the National Library of Medicine, Yoga therapies have been found to improve reproductive functions both in men and women. As per the study, practicing yoga improves  the overall integration of physiological systems.



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