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Hyderabadi Teen Throws A Dog From Fourth Floor After Hanging One From Tree

Animal cruelty has been captured on video in Hyderabad’s Kattedan neighbourhood.


Unknown teen was observed throwing a puppy from the fourth story and hanging one on a tree with a rope.


One of the films shows a puppy being strung up on a tree after being tied to a rope around its neck.


In the other video, the teen reveals the puppy’s face before carrying it to the fourth-floor edge and tossing it into the air. Later, he records a video of the pup lying lifeless on the ground.


The event was reported to two nonprofit organisations, Stray Foundation for Animals and Citizen for Animal Foundation, before being reported to the Mailardevpally police by the organization’s co-founders, Adulapuram Gowtham and Pridhvi Teja.


The kid used drugs, said Pridhvi and Adulapuram, and they think he killed the puppies inhumanely while impaired. The teen’s social media account, where he posted videos of the dogs as well as syringes and drugs, was also discovered by NDTV.


There has been a first information report, or FIR, submitted. He might spend up to five years in prison.


The teen, according to the police, has received counseling; however, the narcotics department is currently looking into the teen’s drug use.


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