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Afghanistan’s economic crisis is being tackled through ‘organ trade and sedatives’; Shocking report!

Since the Taliban regained power, Afghanistan has been experiencing a serious food shortage, and some residents have responded by taking unsettling and occasionally hazardous actions. According to BCC, a large number of Afghan families are sedating their kids to prevent them from feeling hungry, and some have even sold their daughters and organs to survive the current catastrophe.

After the new Taliban administration took office, there was a severe economic crisis, and while international funding did help Afghanistan deal with the several earthquakes, it was insufficient to turn things around. According to BBC, there are currently a large number of individuals in Afghanistan who can not even make $1 per day, and the United Nations has described the situation there as a ‘humanitarian crisis’.

The Taliban’s strict laws on women have drawn severe criticism from the international world, and Afghanistan’s economy has collapsed unlike any time in its history in the absence of foreign investment. Because of this, sedatives have gained popularity in many locations despite being known for their negative consequences. ‘Our children keep crying, and they don’t sleep. We have no food,’  BBC was informed by Abdul Wahab.

‘So we get pills from the pharmacy and give them to our kids to make them feel sleepy’. With those searching for fast money, the illicit organ trade has already become more and more common. According to a source who spoke to BBC, he received $3,100 for one of his kidneys about three months ago for 270,000 afghanis. ‘One night we eat, the next we don’t. I feel like I’m only half of a human after selling my kidney. I’m dejected. I feel like I could pass away if this is how life goes on ‘,he stated in the document.


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