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Airfares to increase by 12% on Europe-Asia routes and 10% for America-Asia flights, says reports

The cost of air travel will rise dramatically around the world in 2019. According to a survey by American Express Global Business Travel, airfares on flights between Europe and Asia might rise by as much as 12%, while those between America and Asia could rise by as much as 10%.

All throughout the world, airline ticket prices have already risen above pre-pandemic levels. Additionally, the war in Ukraine will make travel costs worse since flights between Europe and Asia must change routes to avoid Russian airspace. After Russia began conducting ‘special military operations’ in Ukraine in February of this year, the Russian airspace is still off-limits to airlines from other countries.

One of the biggest airfare rises will be for business-class tickets within Australia, which are forecast to rise by about 19 per cent, according to the report.

The cost of flying in economy class between Europe and Asia will rise more than in business. According to the projection, business class rates will typically climb by 7.6% and economy flights will jump by 12% on the Europe-Asia route.

Economy-class flights from Asia to North America will cost roughly 23% more than they did in 2019, while business flights will cost about 15% more.

Worldwide, rising fuel prices, inflation, and airline capacity issues all contribute to higher airfares. Airlines all around the world have reduced staffing levels to deal with rising fuel prices, and as a result, major price increases have been reported globally.


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