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IUCN’s updated Red List reveals humanity is ‘decimating’ marine life

The amount of marine species that are endangered might even fill Qatar’s stadium 974, where the FIFA Football World Cup is now taking place. According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature, more than 42,000 marine species could become extinct in the near future (IUCN).

According to a statement made public by the IUCN on Friday, illnesses, pollution, climate change, illegal and unsustainable fishing and other human activities have been endangering marine species’ chances of surviving and prospering.

‘Today’s IUCN Red List update reveals a perfect storm of unsustainable human activity decimating marine life around the globe,’ Dr Bruno Oberle, IUCN Director General said.

‘As the world looks to the ongoing UN biodiversity conference to set the course for natural recovery, we simply cannot afford to fail,’ Oberle added further.

The Red List of Threatened Species maintained by the IUCN currently lists 150,388 species. The Red List serves as an important gauge of how well the world’s biodiversity is doing.

42,108 of the 150,388 species listed on the Red List are in danger of getting extinct.

According to a statement released by the IUCN on Friday, more than 1,550 of the 17,903 maritime animals and plants assessed are threatened with extinction, with climate change having an influence on at least 41% of these species.

According to experts, the IUCN Red List for threats to marine life illustrates humanity’s ongoing obsession with viewing the oceans as unending reservoirs of life.


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