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Russian woman on ‘Global Wanted’ list; Forces soldier husband to rape Ukrainian woman!

According to sources, the wife of a Russian soldier who was previously heard in a viral recording encouraging her husband to rape Ukrainian women during the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine has been put to the list of those who are ‘Globally Wanted’.

The lady was put to the national, interstate, and international wanted lists after being recognised as Olga Bykovskaya by Ukrainian investigating authorities. When it was discovered that she was giving her husband orders to rape women in Russia-occupied Ukraine, the Ukrainian authorities launched an inquiry. It appears that the woman also had her spouse to utilise as protection.

What Did She Say?
The woman’s talk was overheard, according to a report from the news outlet Leading Britain’s Conversation. Roman Bykovsky, her husband, age 27, was reached during the conversation, and the woman was overheard saying: ‘So sure, do it over there. There were Ukrainian ladies. Rape them. Yeah. Please refrain from sharing any information with me’.

According to the website, her boyfriend said, ‘So I should rape and not tell you anything,’ to which Bykovskaya answered, ‘Yes, so that I wouldn’t know anything’. Then they both laughed. To everyone’s surprise, the story stated that the Russian soldier added: ‘Can I really?  Yes, I let you,  Just use protection’, the wife retorted.

Probe Unmasked Identity
Radio Liberty’s investigative reporters partnered with Ukrainian law enforcement to track the phone used for the conversation. In April, one of the numbers was identified as coming from the Kherson area. Later, more investigation showed that the two phone numbers were connected to the Russian social network VKontakte. Roman Bykovsky (age 27) and his wife Olga Bykovskaya both owned one. Journalists discovered Roman’s photos, which had been shared by a buddy of his who served with him in the same Russian Army division in 2016, even though Roman’s account had been made private.


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