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World’s first robot lawyer to defend an alleged traffic rule violator in the US

An accused’s defence in the courtroom by an attorney or lawyer or advocate, as per the prevailing court vocabulary of a country, is set to be extended by yet another form of defence, with artificial intelligence. Next month, ‘the world’s first robot lawyer’ will defend a person accused of breaking a traffic law in the United States, according to the New York Post.

The DoNotPay programme will enable it to listen to court arguments in real time and advise the defendant via an earbud on how to reply.

According to a science and technology website called New Scientist, the defendant will only speak as instructed by the DoNotPay AI. There has been no mention of the defendant’s location or identity. The in-person speeding ticket hearing is scheduled to take place in a U.S. courtroom sometime in February.

DoNotPay will also cover the traffic ticket fine if the defendant loses the case.

It took a significant amount of time as well as years of research and development efforts to train the AI legal assistant.


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