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These are the most common sex issues face by couples

Sex problems among couples can be due to physical and psychological causes. You need to have a good understanding of your partner and empathy for each other in order to wade through the troubled waters.

Here are five reasons as to why a couple may not be enjoying sex to the fullest, so you can see which bracket you fall into, in case you are facing issues in your sex life.

Too many expectations: There are various myths about sex which affect the levels of intimacy between a man and woman. Men worry a lot about their size, due to watching pornographic movies and basing reality on them. Women on the other hand sometimes feel that it’s the man who should do all the work for them to achieve their orgasm, and they don’t need to do much.

Getting pregnant: Men and women both cannot relax during intercourse if they are worried that it might end up in a pregnancy. Of course, this is true if protection has not been used. So it is important that both partners take responsibility regarding contraception.

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Foreplay: Hurried penetration is not a good idea, as foreplay is extremely important, especially for the woman to get turned on. She needs to be aroused in order to enjoy sex.

Both partners need to communicate with each other what they enjoy and what is it that turns them on.

Performance anxiety: Anxiety with respect to impotency or worrying about not being able to maintain an erection can play spoilsport in men. This fear is one of the main reasons why some people avoid sex at times.

If the man is concentrating more on his performance, rather than enjoying himself in the moment, it could be difficult to sustain an erection.

Painful sex: Painful sex, also known as dyspareunia could be due to various reasons. They vary from the foreplay not being enough to the pelvic muscles being too tight. There could also be an injury or infection involving the vagina.

However, if even in spite of adequate foreplay the penetration is still painful for the woman, it’s advisable to visit a gynaecologist to get to the root of the problem.



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