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Thailand records highest temperatures with authorities warning people across the country to stay indoors

Thailand is experiencing some of its highest temperatures ever recorded, with authorities advising people across the country to stay indoors or seek shelter when they must go outside. According to a report from Reuters on April 28, many towns and cities in Thailand have reported temperatures over 40 degrees Celsius.

On April 29, temperatures in the Bang Na district hit a record-breaking 54 degrees Celsius. While April is typically the hottest month of the year in Thailand, there appears to be no immediate relief from the high temperatures in the coming weeks.

The report also forecasts that the southern Thai island of Phuket will ‘feel like’ a staggering 54 degrees Celsius in the coming days. Two people have already died as a result of the record-breaking heat, including a policeman who collapsed while directing traffic.

In addition to the high temperatures, electricity consumption in Thailand is also at a record level due to people running air conditioners and fans 24 hours a day. This has led to massive electricity bills that many people are concerned they will not be able to afford.

Other parts of Asia, such as Bangladesh and parts of India, are also experiencing extreme heat, leading to power cuts and shortages for millions of people.

Meanwhile, Spain and Portugal are also experiencing unusually early heatwaves, with both countries breaking temperature records for April. The national weather office in Spain reported that the temperature reached 38.8 degrees Celsius at the airport in Cordoba on April 29, beating the previous record of 38.6 degrees Celsius.

The Spanish government announced that it would launch its forest fire monitoring campaign a month and a half earlier than usual due to the rising temperatures, adding reinforcements to local firefighting teams and monitoring forest fires across the country. Portugal’s weather agency reported that temperatures in the central town of Mora reached 36.9 degrees Celsius on April 29, breaking the record set in April 1945 in the northeastern town of Pinhao.

The heat has also worsened drought conditions, with some farmers choosing not to sow seeds this year.


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