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Actress Vincy Aloshious Receives Double Delight with Best Actress Award and Hindi Film Release


Young and upcoming actress Vincy Aloshious was overjoyed when she won the Best Actress title at the Kerala State Film Awards. This triumph came as she was eagerly awaiting the release of her Hindi movie, where she portrayed the main character.

Vincy’s journey in the entertainment industry began unexpectedly when she was called back for the talent hunt show ‘Nayika Nayakan’ on the Mazhavil Manorama channel, even after being initially rejected in auditions. Though she became the ‘Runner Up,’ her sensational portrayal of a sensual lady cooking chicken curry caught everyone’s attention and paved her way into the silver screen.

However, Vincy’s path to success was not without challenges. Her award-winning film ‘Rekha’ faced difficulties in finding theaters for release, which initially left her slightly disheartened. Nevertheless, she remains optimistic, knowing she still has a long way to go as an actor.

Speaking about her first Hindi film, ‘Face of the Faceless,’ Vincy shared, “I’m playing the lead role in the biopic of Sister Rani Maria, a Malayali martyr who dedicated her life to uplift the marginalized tribal section in Madhya Pradesh. It was editor Ranjan Abraham who noticed me during the editing works of ‘Solamante Theneechakal’ and recommended me for the role, even though I wasn’t fluent in Hindi. The shooting took place in remote tribal settlements and was an unforgettable experience.”

Reflecting on her efforts to portray ‘Rekha,’ Vincy said, “I faced challenges during the shooting, and I even got hospitalized at one point. The fight scene required multiple takes and caused a terrible backache, but I persevered. I prepared extensively to learn the Kasaragod-Kannur slang and observed the accents and mannerisms of the locals to bring authenticity to the character.”

Recalling how ‘Nayika Nayakan’ influenced her career, Vincy shared, “I applied for the show while recovering from chickenpox and was initially rejected. But they gave me another chance, which led to an acting workshop and eventually my debut film ‘Vikruthi.’ It taught me that the audience loves the characters you play, regardless of money, beauty, or reputation.”

Working with director Lal Jose also had a significant impact on Vincy’s career. “Lal Jose sir helped me come out of my shell and express myself confidently. But I’ve learned to adjust to different directors’ styles while working with them,” she said.

As a child, Vincy dreamt of becoming an actress and was inspired by actresses like Kavya Madhavan. She developed her acting skills with the guidance of Abu Valayamkulam, the casting director of acclaimed films like ‘Sudani from Nigeria’ and ‘Saudi Vellakka.’

Though she initially believed that modeling would be her entry into the film industry, Vincy’s focus shifted towards acting. She now considers winning the award as an inspiration and aims to achieve more, with winning a national award being one of her ambitions.

Had she not pursued acting, Vincy would have chosen a career in architecture, which was her field of study and interest. She acknowledges that architecture, like acting, is a form of art.

Despite her achievements, Vincy remains humble, knowing that she still has a lot of hard work ahead to carve her own space in the cinema world. She is determined to continue climbing the ladder of success and fulfilling her dreams.


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