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Know all warning signs of prostate cancer

Prostate Cancer Awareness Month is observed every September to raise awareness about prostate cancer.  The US Senate designated September as Prostate Cancer Awareness Month in 1999.

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men. Not only older men but younger men can also get prostate cancer.  As per studies, it is more common in men above 65 years of age. Now it is  increasing in younger people. This cancer mostly affects men under the age of 45.

Some cancers can grow aggressively and spread to other parts of the body. That is why early detection of the disease is important for prevention and effective treatment.

Prostate gland is an integral part in the reproductive system of men. It is situated below the urinary bladder. Prostate gland helps in the production of seminal liquid.

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Symptoms of prostate cancer are often ignored. This leads to an advanced and incurable stage of cancer. Because the gland is located next to the bladder and urethra, patients may experience some symptoms related to the urinary system.

Here are 8 uncommon signs of prostate cancer:

1. Erectile dysfunction: Difficulty in achieving or maintaining an erection can be a sign of prostate cancer. This occurs when the cancerous cells affect the nerves and blood vessels responsible for normal erectile function.

2. Bone pain: Prostate cancer can spread to the bones, causing pain in areas such as the back, hips, or pelvis. This pain may be constant or intermittent and can worsen at night.

3. Unexplained weight loss: Sudden and unexplained weight loss can be a sign of advanced prostate cancer. Cancer cells can alter the body’s metabolism, leading to unintended weight loss.

4. Fatigue: Persistent fatigue or a general feeling of weakness can be a sign of prostate cancer. Cancer cells can disrupt normal cell function, leading to feelings of exhaustion.

5. Changes in bowel habits: Prostate cancer can affect the nearby rectum, causing changes in bowel movements like  constipation, diarrhoea, or a change in the size or shape of the stool.

6. Swelling in the legs or feet: Prostate cancer can cause blockages in the lymphatic system, leading to fluid buildup in the legs or feet. This can result in swelling, pain, or a feeling of heaviness.

7. Blood in the semen: Prostate cancer can sometimes cause blood to appear in the semen.

8. Difficulty in urination:  While difficulty in urination is a common symptom of prostate cancer.


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