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Know best sex positions for couples

These positions were ideal for married couples to turn up the heat after a tiring day at work.

1 Queening: This position has been one of the hottest sex positions as it allows women to show their man who’s the boss in the bedroom. Also known as facesitting, women receive the ultimate oral orgasm. The women sit or straddle on their partner’s face while they receive an oral orgasm.

2 The Hook: This sex position helps in deep penetration that will surely drive both the man and woman wild. This hot sex position is a twist to the classic missionary. The woman lies on her back and the man gets on top of her. The woman then ‘hooks’ her legs over her man’s shoulders allowing her ankles to rest.

3 X Marks the Spot: Although penis size doesn’t necessarily play an important role while having sex, this sex position is for all men who are not, unfortunately, well-endowed. This kinky sex move involves having the woman lie on a hard or flat surface of equal height. The woman then crosses her legs in the air at the ankles or knees. The man then enters from the front where ‘X marks the spot’.

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4 The Lotus: One of the most intimate sex positions, allows you to bond with your partner. The man needs to sit cross-legged or stretched out and the women then straddle her partner and wrap her legs around his waist as he enters her. The grinding motion stimulates the clitoris that deeply satisfies the woman.


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