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Simple tips to follow to become a ‘master’ of love making

Sex helps to strengthen the relationship between couples and growing love among them. But for that it is not necessary to have sex all the time. it is possible to turn your relationship special without having sex every time.

These are some tips which will make you a master in love making.

1. Eye Contact: Add eyes to your partner’s eyes and watch them till she turns away. In such a situation, both of you will come closer to each other.

2. Play with hair: While lying in bed, you should also rub their hair with it. Girls feel more love in such situations and come closer to you.

3. Deep Conversation: This is a special occasion when you can tell them about your heart. Also, do whatever on their forehead.

4. How to kiss: Kiss in some special place like their forehead, eyes, cheeks, nose and then chin. In such a situation, she herself will bring her lips near your lips.

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5. Tight Hug: You can hold them tightly in the arms and keep their head on your chest and let them hear the heartbeat.

6. Do not rush: During sex, do not rush at all because it will not give satisfaction to both of you and the fun of sex can also be bad.


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