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Step-to-step guide to do a perfect ‘French Kiss’

A French kiss is a one during which one or both partner’s tongues enter the other person’s mouth. It is a great way to have fun with partner as it stimulates sensitive erogenous zones while providing mutual pleasure.

Here is a step-to-step guide to do a perfect ‘French Kiss’.

1. Clean Mouth: Both the partners must have a clean mouth. To get rid of the bad breath you must brush your teeth and must drink some water.

2. Kiss without tongue until your partner indicates that they are ready to receive your tongue. Then after slowly ease your tongue in their mouth.

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3. Start by making contact with just the tip of the tongue and then slowly extend. Must be gentle.

Switch up your movements and do not keep your mouth open the whole time. During a French kiss you must also use your hands wisely. Place your hands on partner’s neck, jaw or waist. Using hands will make your kiss more romantic.

Also take regular breaths and look at your partner’s eyes. Never leave your lips or your tongue in the same spot for more than a couple seconds. Use your tongue to gently explore all the soft sensuous places in your partner’s mouth.


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