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Good things to do before having sex

Having sex with the right person can be both intimate and fun. No matter how many times you might have had sex with your partner though, there are some things one just shouldn’t take for granted.

1. Protection: Unless you’re planning to have babies and hence don’t want to use protection, make sure you keep condoms where they are easily accessible and don’t have to go hunting for them during the act. It really kills all the effort you’ve put into foreplay when you have to stop mid-act and start rummaging through your room.

2. Breath analyser: Bad breath can turn anyone off and is a definite no. All you need to do is keep some mouth fresheners handy or just brushing your teeth quickly can help you avoid trouble during the act.

3. Be clean down under: Unclean genitals can seriously put your partner off just when you were going to get lucky.

Also, if you have a genital infection, you could pass it on to your partner or for that matter not be able to indulge in sex at all due to the discomfort it would cause! So make sure you spruce up your personal hygiene!

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4. Clean bowels: No matter how turned on you are, you’re going to be feeling pretty uncomfortable if you feel like urinating during the act, so it’s always a better idea to make sure you have clean bowels before it!

And at last make sure you devote more time to the foreplay, because there is always more pleasure in travelling than in arriving at the destination.



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