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Know why couples stop having sex

Sex is one of the most important aspects in life.  It is one of the main elements that keeps a relationship beautiful and also is instrumental to the survival of the relationship. Lack of sex can wreak havoc on your marriage.

But, there are several couples who stop having sex, sometimes just a year or so into marriage. There are several reasons for this.   Once the reason is found we can solve it and this will help the relationship from breaking.

Exhaustion: Over work load, stress and hectic work schedules may reduce your energy. As sex needs you to be energetic and lively this will affect your sexual life.

Dissatisfactions with own body: Lack of confidence over one’s own body may affect the sexual life. Insecurity about your own body shape and size may decrease your sexual urge out of self-imposed shame and fear.

Boredom:  Sometimes people feel bored doing sex. Main reason for this is the fixed routine while having sex. It is necessary to try different ways, change positions and include more elongated and pleasurable foreplay. Boring sex will ultimately lead to no sex.

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Conflicts: Mental or emotional compatibility often plays a major role in physical compatibility as well and if you and your partner have too many conflicts, then it will eventually trickle down to your sex life. A feeling of resentment starts to dawn upon you and becoming physically intimate with your partner becomes difficult.

Hygiene : Hygiene plays an important role is  love life. Bad hygiene is a big turn off during sex.

To have a beautiful sex life there must be spark in the relationship. To have a  healthy sex life one must review his/her life  and  try to solve any possible disputes.


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