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How Suppression Kills You

Like a coin that has two sides, each of our lives are filled, not just with ups , but some downs as well. Sometimes people aren’t able to deal with these low phases. When you’re happy you tend to be more cheerful, content and positive. On the contrary, during a low phase , if you don’t learn to deal with yourself in the right way it could irrevocably break you.

What leads to suppression?

Problems crop up in each of our lives, but the way we deal it, and go about it makes a lot difference .There could be certain things in life that you aren’t able to express or open up to others. Reasons may be several such as: you may wonder what the other person thinks about you (image conscious), afraid of being judged by others, conscious about the fact if they will still accept you and stay by you after confiding, also will they empathize with you or will they be feeling happy and relieved understanding your problems in life.

Facing the consequences

The repercussions of suppressing your worries and not sharing your problems can cause you to isolate yourself from others, you tend to be within yourself, you lose out on friendships, relations, and slowly will notice that these people also start detaching you from their lives. KARMA. The blame is all yours because, ignorance is intolerable after a certain degree.

Things start affecting you at a social level, and eventually you shall perceive that you’re also affected at a personal and emotional level. When you’re not able to seek help and guidance from others on your problems and instead remain to be silent , you start changing as an individual.


You would observe lot of mood variations, sudden break of emotions, being negative on others positivism, assume things and start building your world within those assumptions that starts killing you slowly. In short, you tend to view things with a negative outlook. Your mind becomes a devil’s workshop.

Suppression is like a slow poison , if you don’t try to get out of it, it can be proved fatal for your personality, and you may lose on a lot of precious things in life.

Help yourself

Pour your heart out to someone you trust and seek their guidance. You may not realize what you are missing out by not doing so.There could be several reasons to suppress your emotions but think about its consequences and ask yourself if it is worth damaging your life when you already have options to get yourself out of it.

Stay happy and live longer!


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