These are the 6 things you shouldn’t do at your Dubai workplace

These are the few things you shouldn’t do at your workplace in Dubai.This will help you to continue a succesful career at Dubai.

Don’t poke fun at your colleagues

You are sure to work at a multi-cultural office with colleagues from different countries. While it is a great learning curve, varied backgrounds might mean you feeling left out when colloquial jokes are shared. Making fun of your colleagues for the differences might show you the door, so embrace the cultural dissimilarities.

Say no to controversial social media posts

Just recently, an Indian expat in the UAE lost his job over sexually abusive posts he sent out to an Indian journalist. Be careful before posting racially charged posts, office gossip, anti-religious views on your social media platforms.

Don’t go missing from office

2017 is a year of long weekends but that doesn’t mean you combine your weekend with weekdays and go missing from work. Be considerate about the pressure on your office colleagues during your absence and they would surely appreciate it.

Desist from anger

Working in Dubai can get stressful because of its competitive nature. But never let your stress or irritation turn into anger as it can be career-limiting.

Refrain to showing antics like yelling, screaming at your colleagues, punching your desk or worse – your colleague – else, you will be sacked with no explanation. If you have issues with your emotions, taking that meditation class won’t be such a bad idea, after all.

Being a social media butterfly

Most offices today have WhatsApp groups/Facebook Messenger groups to share live updates with the entire group. Responding to all queries makes you look active in the group but you might be at the receiving end of irritation from some of your colleagues. Worse would be your boss assuming you’re spending too much time on these social media groups and questioning your productivity.

Never say “It’s not my job”

Sure, you were hired for a certain job role but there would be times when you might have to work beyond your job profile. Be prepared to take additional responsibilities, when time demands and prove you are a multi-tasker.




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