Medical experts in UAE wait for arrival of world’s heaviest woman

An army of medical experts from Burjeel Hospital are all prepared to receive the world’s heaviest woman when she arrives from Mumbai to Abu Dhabi on Thursday evening.
Dr Shajir Gaffar, CEO of VPS Healthcare, Dubai and Northern Emirates and Burjeel Hospital for Advanced Surgery, who flew from the UAE Capital to Mumbai to accompany the patient, said that the hospital is ready and well-prepared for Eman Abdul Atti, who will be medically evacuated on a special airbus. “At present, we have a team of 15 members of multi-disciplinary approach in Abu Dhabi.
“We have aviation doctors, paramedics, logistics support, nurses – they are all on ground here (Mumbai) for her safe medical transportation tomorrow from Saifee Hospital.
“Inside the flight, there will be five experts accompanying her, including doctors, aviation medicine doctor and a senior flight paramedic.
The 36-year-old Egyptian woman, who has not left her house in Alexandria for 25 years, was named as the world’s heaviest woman when her body weight reached a deadly 500kg. She was medically evacuated to Saifee Hospital in Mumbai to go under a bariatric surgery after suffering from a stroke, which left her bedridden.
Abdul Atti’s condition caused her to suffer from obesity-related lymphoedema, which led to severe swelling in the legs.
Doctors at Saifee Hosptial claim that Abul Atti’s weight has now reached 176kg. However, her sister Shaima Selim, who has not left her side, begs to differ.
After the dispute between Abdul Atti’s family and Dr Maffazal Lakdawala, Abdul Atti’s bariatric surgeon at Saifee Hospital, the family contacted Burjeel Hospital in Abu Dhabi for help.
“Some miscommunication happened between the hospital and the patient, and that’s when the patient’s family contacted us.”
Sanet Mayer, director of Burjeel’s Medevac unit, told Khaleej Times that Abdul Atti will go through various medical assessments which will determine her health condition as well as her true weight.
She said the patient is currently being fed a special liquid diet via a naso-jejunal feeding tube, and will be transported on a special bed to the airport.
“She can understand some commands, but she is unable to complete sentences or speak words that people can understand.
“We have taken into consideration all the risk factors, (during flight), that are going hand in hand with medical evacuation of a patient with altitude pressures.
“Regarding her oxygen levels, we will take care of it. We are well equipped to manage any situations that may arise.”

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