Will we face another World War?

When the conflict between North Korea and U.S strives, the world is looking forward on the threat of another world war. The tension had spiked when North Korea had conducted a huge display of the nuclear weapon collection and a mass militant parade on the 150th anniversary of their state founder’s birth. The North Korea has been conducting missile and nuclear weapons-related activities at an unprecedented rate since the beginning of the year and is believed to have made some progress in developing intermediate-range and submarine-launched missiles. South Korean and US forces have been conducting annual military drills since the beginning of March.

The security issues had begun in Korea from the time of Korean War in 1950.It was when South Korea had attacked North Korea with the help of United Nations. But in the same year, when china entered the waterfront U.N and America had withdrawn. The U.N command and Korea- China joint command together, signed the treaty and war was brought to an end leaving a huge number of casualties and damages, but South Korea was not a part of in it that time. It was India who acted as a mediator for both countries to hand over the prisoners of war. It was only an agreement for war break down. No discussion had taken place on ending the war situation according to Korea. Since then both countries were not in good terms also, U.S had promised and signed an agreement to protect South Korea from the attacks of North Korea.

Since South Korea has not been a part of the war breakdown treaty, North Korea never considered the presence of U.S and the military agreement of U.S with South Korea. In 1956, U.S had aligned the weapons with South Korea, by breaking the war breakdown agreement. This had provoked North Korea to go forward with their defense mechanisms and develop new nuclear projects. When the former president of U.S Barak Obama, had decided to develop the nuclear weapons in South Korea, it was another hit for North Korea. All these situations and the current conflicts between Japan and China has put China under the threat of being a victim of Korea’s nuclear explosions. China has put forward three conditions commonly after the presidential meeting, 1. To keep peace and security.2.Should remove the entire nuclear weapons from Korea, in other words, if South Korea is willing to remove all their nuclear weapons, China will join with U.S forward.

On the cold war time, when U.S moved all the nuclear weapons to South Korea, this triggered North Korea. When U.S stopped the cold war between China, the present President of U.S Donald Trump, on the election promotion time had promised to get over with the liabilities between South Korea and U.S, Trump’s ability to make North Korea de-weaponised and south Korea to move the nuclear weapons is still questionable since that will be against his military and defense forces.


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