Supreme Court to pronounce judgement in Nirbhaya Gang rape case today

The Supreme Court will pronounce its judgement in famous  Delhi gang rape case today at 2 pm. The judgement will be pronounced in court room 2.

The matter was heard at length by a 3-judge Bench of Justices Dipak Misra, R Banuathi and Ashok Bhushan.Justice Dipak Misra and Justice R Banumathi will deliver separate judgements.

As we wait for the judgement to be pronounced, and justice to be delivered for the horrific incident that shook the nation and brought the people on the street, let us look at the keypoints about the whole Nirbhaya incident:

  1. On December 16, 2012, the 23-year old victim and one of her friend boarded a bus in the area around Munirka to reach Dwarka at around 9 at night.
  2. The victim was a paramedical student.
  3. They were reportedly returning after watching a movie when due to lack of other transportation, they boarded the bus.
  4. There were six people in the bus, including a juvenile, who were pretending to be passengers in the bus, but was later found to be a gang actually.
  5. Reports claim that after an altercation, the six of the persons beat up the male friend while they took turns to rape the victim.
  6. They kept driving the bus during the whole incident.
  7. The rapists also reportedly inserted alien objects like rods inside the victim which further injured her internally.
  8. After the incident they left both of them on the streets, out in the cold, without clothes.
  9. They reportedly bled for 40 minutes before the police came in and took them under medical care.
  10. As per reports, the rapists also tried running them over but failed.
  11. Following the news of the incident, people came out in the streets raising hue and cry and demanding police action against the rapists.
  12. While the friend survived the attack, the victim lost her life during treatment at Singapore.
  13. The victim came to be known as Nirbhaya, a name given to commemorate her courage.
  14. Six arrests were made after scrutinising the CCTV footage available.
  15. The bus was a school bus and the six of the people used to take out the bus to carry passengers apparently at night.
  16. It was discovered that earlier on the same night as the Nirbhaya incident, the six of them had robbed a person as well.
  17. The prime accused in the matter, Ram Singh allegedly committed suicide inside the prison.
  18. The juvenile was sent to a Juvenile care and was freed after three years in that home.
  19. The remaining four of them were sentenced to death by the Delhi High Court.
  20. Initially, the counsel for the accused filed a petition to transfer the case from Delhi High court to another state, but this petition was dismissed.
  21. The reason cited by the counsel was that the judiciary and the police were under immense pressure due to public outrage and ‘media hype’.
  22. While the Supreme Court dismissed the transfer petition, the case arrived the Apex.
  23. The Supreme Court decided to re-hear the case on the sentencing aspect, as the petitioners stated that there have been violation of procedures.
  24. On March 27, the Apex reserved the verdict of the case.
  25. On May 5, the Court is to pronounce the verdict at 2 pm.



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