Bengaluru woman shoots husband thrice after fight

In a shocking incident, a woman allegedly shot her husband thrice after a dispute erupted between the couple. Showing great courage after being shot thrice, the husband ran away from the car and took a local bus to save his life.

The drama filled with bloody violence unfolded at the outskirts of the city near the crowded Hosur road. Bengaluru Police said that they have arrested the accused woman and are conducting a medical examination to ascertain if she has consumed alcohol. The police further added that husband has been admitted in the hospital and is in a critical condition.

The couple were returning from Hosur and halted near Anekal to have some food. They are suspected to have consumed alcohol as well. After reaching near the electronic city in their SUV, a quarrel erupted between the couple prompting Hamsa to shoot her husband, Sairam.

Even after being shot, the husband took Bengaluru Metropolitan Transport Corporation bus to save his life but the anguished wife chased the bus and stopped it midway only to attack her husband again. However, she was pacified by the passengers in the bus who called the police and registered the complaint.

The relatives of the couple informed the police that they had long-standing unresolved issues which may have prompted the woman to shoot her husband.

The police informed that they have registered the case of murder attempt under section 307 of Indian Penal Code against the woman. The woman runs a security firm and her husband was also working in it.



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