Nirbhaya verdict: Priyanka Chopra proud of Indian judiciary

Priyanka Chopra has penned an emotionally touching note after the Supreme Court confirmed the death sentences of all four convicts in the Nirbhaya gang- rape case.

The Indian actress said that she is “proud” of the Indian judiciary.

Priyanka on Friday shared a note, where she said that she refuses to accept the brutality of such  crimes.

“Though it took five long years, today justice finally prevailed. The flame of this verdict should singe not just the dastardly four (of the other two, one is dead and one accused is a juvenile) but such perpetrators in India as well,” Priyanka wrote.

The gorgeous actress said that it was “justice” that the entire country demanded.

“Each voice that joined the battle was strident and clear – the six must be punished. Finally, they will pay. The brutality of such crimes is something I refuse to accept,” she said.

The former beauty queen also voiced her concerns over the fact that even in 21st century, how can a society allow such brutal crimes taking place against women and expressed that it never ceases to trouble her.

“Unfortunately, the past can never be undone. So, we have to move on and make a promise to ourselves that when an entire country is unified in wanting something, a strong action will be its ultimate result. This awakening, this unified voice to stop such brutal and demonical crimes, as our Supreme Court said, is what we must never let go onto mute mode,” she wrote.

“You will never be forgotten Nirbhaya,” she added.


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