All eyes to French Presidential Election 2017

French presidential election candidates Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen will face off the second round polling today. It has been one of the most exciting and unpredictable election campaigns in decades.

Within the hour’s world will find out who will take out the presidential chair of France. Till Francois Fillon became unqualified for the allegations on his wife’s salary for a parliament job she did not do. Of the 577 seats, just two are held by Ms. Le Pen’s party, the National Front. None are held by Mr Macron’s movement En Marche! Which was formed just a year ago.

Mr. Macron has a fair bit of insider in him. He is a former merchant banker who served as an adviser, then minister, in the government of Francois Hollande.

But he has somehow managed to start a political movement from scratch, and within a year become favorable to be France’s next president.

The opinion polls in the last two weeks have consistently suggested the ‘En Marche!’ Candidate is about 20 points ahead of his rival. But in an era of political upsets and growing populism, many are unwilling to write off Ms. Le Pen.

If Emmanuel Macron wins the election, he could become the ever youngest French president


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