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Health benefits of Amla :These are the six reasons to eat


Amla which is also known as the Indian gooseberry should be included in your diet more often than not because of its amazing health benefits. Amla has Vitmain C, Zeatin, different types of amino acids, minerals and also antioxidants that will help you stay healthy from the inside and out. Amla will help you with so many things like losing weight, purifying blood, lightening skin tone and so much more.

Prevents ageing

Since Amla is know to have antioxidants, it will prevent your skin from ageing. It destroys every radical that promotes ageing and wrinkles. So if you drink Amla juice daily, it will help you look young. It will also eliminate every skin problem you ever had.

Good for hair

You must have seen so many ads that promotes amla oil. They are really good for the hair and it promotes hair growth. It will strengthen your hair follicles and will stop any breakage or dryness. You should apply amla oil for shiny and healthy hair.

Good for your eyes

Amla is also good for eyesight. It improves your eyesight and will keep you away from cataract. Also people with night blindness should definitely include amla in their diet because it will reduce their night blindness.

Gives a glow to your skin

Every woman looks for natural ways to improve their skin texture, to get rid of blemishes and to make it glow. Consume amla daily and you will see how you start glowing. You also have an option of applying an amla mask so that it removes all your dead skin.

Helps in digestion

Do you often have digestion problems? Well, you know what the solution is- amla! Since amla has fiber it helps in digestions effectively and it will keep you away from any bowel issues. Your bowel movements will be fine with amla.

Puts you at reduced risk of heart diseases

One of the best ways to reduce the risk of heart diseases is by drinking amla juice or consuming anything that has amla in it. It pumps blood to the heart and rest pf the body and also ensures that there is hardly any cholesterol build up. If you have amla regularly, your chances of heart stroke and heart attack will be also less.




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