Eman has complications, including cardiac issue: Abu Dhabi hospital docs

Doctors at a hospital in Abu Dhabi recently said that Eman Ahmed, the 36-year-old Egyptian woman who was in Mumbai for a weight loss treatment, suffers from various complications, including a serious cardiac issue, along with problems related to her obesity.


Eman left Mumbai on May 4 after spending three months at the city’s Saifee Hospital, where she underwent weight loss surgery. Doctors at Saifee said that the bariatric surgery and diet regime they gave Eman helped her shed 300 kg.


She weighed 504 kg when she arrived in Mumbai on February 11 and was considered to be the world’s heaviest woman.


The last few days of Eman’s stay, however, were marred by a spat between her sister Shaimaa Selim, and the Saifee hospital. Shaimaa alleged that the doctors’ claims of her weight loss were fake.

Eman is currently under the care of Dr. Yassin El Shahat, Chief Medical Officer, and a multi-disciplinary team of 20 doctors including orthopaedic surgeons, cardiologists, nephrologists, gastroenterologist, plastic surgeon, physiotherapists, and dieticians amongst others.


“Eman is now facing several health problems since her admission to the hospital, including cardiac issues (severe aortic regurgitation with query endocarditis), which is still under intensive investigation, severe urosepsis (a life-threatening infection of the urinary tract) and third degree infected bed sores. These conditions are beside her original medical problems of obesity and other comorbidities,” Dr. Shahat said.


Eman who reached Burjeel Hospital on Friday was kept under observation at the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). She was moved to the exclusive premium suite customised for her on Sunday.


“The team of doctors at Burjeel Hospital is mainly focused on improving her overall health condition and ensuring that as part of the hospital’s short-term goal, Eman is able to sit with minimal to no assistance,” a hospital spokesperson said.


Shaimaa has requested the hospital to maintain Eman’s privacy and not share health updates with media without her knowledge.


“Eman is now happy and relieved. She is now in a better state because the hospital treated us like humans, not animals,” Shaimaa said.


“I still love India and its generous people, but not Dr. Muffazal Lakdawala (Eman’s doctor) and Saifee. Fame and propaganda has made them crazy,” she added.


In Mumbai, Shaimaa had claimed that Ahmed was suffering seizures after her surgery on March 7. Saifee doctors, however, had denied Shaimaa’s claims and said that Eman had not suffered a single epileptic seizure after the surgery, according to a CT scan they performed on her a week before her transfer to Burjeel Hospital.



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