Groundwater exploitation: People on strike

People of Thumba has called for a strike due to the excess exploitation of ground water by Kerala Industrial Infrastructure Development Corporation (KINFRA) in Menamkulam. For past five years, Varuna drinking water Company along with four other private companies has been exploiting ground water resources and the factory wastage is being dumped in the nearby “Parvathy Puthanar” lake. The residents nearby the factory has been detected with dangerous skin diseases and are in shortage of drinking water. 

“They are dumping wastages in the “Parvathy Puthanar”, we are unable to make use of the water for washing and drinking purposes and the water in our wells is showing a change in colour. The government had ceased digging the bore wells but it seems, they are using four bore huge bore wells to pump water “said a native.

“Varuna, claims that they are using the water provided by Kerala water authority, but we have proofs that, water authority had stopped supplying water a long time ago, this is the second time we are setting out the protest, the government officials had not taken measures to stop this injustice, this is our resource, if we haven’t taken required steps to save water our next generation will be in trouble.” he added.

The studies show that rate of cancer has been showing the massive increase in every following year. The Thumba Parish Council along with Thumba Vikasana Samithi has decided to set out a mass protest and siege the KINFRA today.

“We will fight till justice, we are done with discussions, we need solution” said an official.


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