Behera to Vigilance: Turbulence on Jacob Thomas

Now it’s Director General of Police (DJP) Jacob Thomas, who reverted the government in puzzlement stage. When Sen Kumar was reappointed as Chief of Police Force, DJP Loknath Behera had been reinstated as Director of Vigilance. The decision has made without any notice on replacing the current Director of Vigilance, DJP Jacob Thomas, who is on leave.

It was on the immediate request from Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan, Jacob Thomas had gone to one month leave. When he was about to finish the off-duty period, CM’s office has informed him to extend the leave till he gets any other update from the office.

“I haven’t put about this new decision of government, it’s through Behera’s Press meet I came to know the replacement had been done,” said DJP Jacob Thomas


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