After Eman Ahmed, world’s heaviest man Juan Pedro Franco undergoes successful weight loss surgery

The world’s heaviest man, who weighed almost 600 kg, has undergone successful gastric bypass surgery, his doctors in Mexico said recently.

The procedure on Juan Pedro Franco aims to reduce his weight by half, and is expected to be followed up with another operation, his surgeon Jose Castaneda said on Tuesday.

“The surgery was quite successful. But now we have to wait and see how he responds to the (systemic) change. Let’s hope everything goes well,” Castaneda said.

“The procedure has left the patient “quite delicate”, and he is being closely monitored,” Castaneda added.

The 32-year-old Mexican is being closely monitored by doctors following the weight loss surgery.

In order to be eligible for surgery, Franco had to lose a large amount of his initial bulk. He also had to get his diabetes and blood pressure under control.The operation was given the green light when doctors said that they were pleased with his steady progress and motivation, which marked a change for Franco, who had spent years in bed.

Franco’s stomach size will be reduced and his intestines modified when the second procedure is done, which is likely in November.

Most importantly, the patient has to progress on the psychological and nutritional fronts. “If that does not happen, the entire thing will fail,” Castaneda warned.








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