Her favourite place brought fortune of $1million

Shanthi Achuthan Kutty(55), a former Dubai teacher still can’t believe that her favourite place has made her richer by $1 million.

She received the news of winning the Dubai Duty-Free Millennium Millionaire Promotion lucky draw on Tuesday.

“I am really wonderstruck. It has slowly started sinking in,” she said. She had bought the ticket while travelling from Dubai to Kerala last month.

“My husband and I still have resident visas over there and we kept visiting Dubai three or four times every year,” said Shanthi.

“We have a strong bond with Dubai and the UAE. Dubai is my favourite place on earth. I had a very good time over there. Whatever we have now, we have got from Dubai. We started with a humble beginning over there and we are always thankful for the country and its rulers,” said Shanthi.

Her husband (63) O.P. Achuthan Kutty, chairman of a nursing college in Thrissur, owns a chain of car repairing workshops in Dubai and a clinic in Sharjah. Had landed in Dubai when he was 21.  “I joined him in 1984. I had worked with New Indian Model School in Dubai as a primary school teacher for a few years.”


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