How much more to die? Asks Bengaluru

It has been 10 years since the Bengaluru government directed to cap the abandoned bore wells after the death of a boy in 2007. But there has been no achievement in this, so far.

The death of Abhishek at Raichur had forced the government to take necessary steps to cap the abandoned bore wells in the state. Children continue to lost lives in these death traps. The government seems to be waiting for the right time to act.

There is 25 lakh bore wells in the state. However, there is no data to show that how many have been abandoned. Till now only 2.27 lakh bore wells have been capped. After the number of deaths increased, 27,000 bore wells were closed. Till August 2014, as many as 1.93 lakh bore wells were capped. Later 27,161 bore wells have been sealed. Records say that five lakh bore wells are yet to be sealed.

Recently, six-year-old Kaveri was stuck at a depth of 20 feet after she fell into an abandoned borewell in Athani near Belagavi.


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