Fisherman survives shark attack in UAE

An Emirati fisherman is lucky to be alive after being attacked by a shark in the Khor Fakkan sea recently.

Ali Mohammad Hamad Al Beloushi, 41, was on a fishing trip with his friend, Omar, when he was attacked by a large shark about five nautical miles off Khor Fakkan. Both of them left Khor Fakkan harbour around 7 am.

Hassan, injured fisherman’s brother said,”My brother had gone for the fishing trip as he would every morning being accompanied by his friend.”

Five nautical miles off the shoreline, Ali made free dive to a depth of 18 metres to explore underwater for potential catch and came up to break surface and return to his boat. He was about three metres away from his boat when he found his right leg being clamped by a powerful set of jaws.

Omar spotted the shark attack and using his fishing gun, he fired at the shark which rescued his friend from the shark’s jaws. The men were successful in capturing the shark and tying it to their boat to haul it ashore.

Omar reported the incident to the Police and the national ambulance. He also informed Ali’s family who rushed to Khor Fakkan harbour awaiting the return of Ali’s boat.

The injured fisherman was immediately taken to Khor Fakkan hospital where an X-ray of the mauled leg was taken.

“He is under medical supervision. He has severe bites in his right leg,” Hassan added.

Ali, a seasoned fisherman, has 16 years of experience, he informed.

“There are several sharks I have spotted in the Khor Fakkan sea and they are of a small size but this one is different. It is larger in size and weighs 200 kilos,” Hassan further added.


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