SUV swept away by high tide

The Ras Al Khaimah Police have warned motorists against leaving their vehicles unattended at the beach after a four-wheel drive vehicle sank off Al Rams beach. “High tides swept away the 4WD,” a police source said.

Many vehicles have sank off RAK coasts due to changing tides which “many people might not be aware of”, the source added. “Some drivers have even lost their lives due to the same reason.”

According to sources, residents of Al Ram noticed the 4WD after it was swept away. “They thought there were people inside the vehicle and rushed to it. Fortunately, the car was empty.”

After the police were alerted, they dispatched police patrols, an ambulance and a rescue team to the site. “Investigations showed that the 4WD was stuck in the wet sand off Al Rams beach. The motorist tried to drive away, but the tide was strong, and the sand so wet that he could not make it. He jumped out of the vehicle before it sank.”

The police rescue teams retrieved the vehicle using special tools. “The incident has been referred to the bodies concerned for legal action.

“All drivers are urged to be extra cautious while driving along the coasts of the emirate, and to never stop or park their vehicles close to the seawater,” the source added.


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