He asked what her price is for one night, her replay just made every women proud.

Stalkers are taking Facebook as an open brothel or so it seems. This time around, Bangalore-based Richa Chandrawanshi, an IBM employee has reported that she was being sent lewd messages by one Vivek Tiwari. After being offered money in exchange for sexual favours and being queried about her rates for doing such things, Richa decided to teach a lesson which he will not forget easily.

“Well, yes I could have blocked him n ignored this too. But, what next? He would go beyond, make another fake id n post few other girls the same dirty stuff!

Least, he got scared n deactivated his account after my text.
All the girls out there know it’s a common thing to get the texts like this. Our “other messages” folder is filled with more stupid texts like this. But we ignore n that’s what make them think it’s okay to post such things!
Yes, I was ashamed to post this. But I still chose to do so.”

When her friends told her that she could have ignored and could have kept privacy she felt the other way and this is how she felt,

“Ever since I posted the screenshots on FB, I’m getting continuous texts!
Few of my friends told me, I shouldn’t have posted it on FB, what will people think about Me.? Have I gone mad for posting such things? What will relatives think n it will give you a bad name n all that jazz.
Well, I dun give a shit, I let them think what they want to.

Now, after this incidence took place, my few close frnz who do really care about me said, why don’t you keep privacy on your account?

If you kept it only friends can inbox you, you would have escaped from this trouble. I do understand their concern. But, why should I do that?
Why should I hide what I share on FB?
Why should I restrict the privacy that if you don’t have mutual friends the other person can’t send you a friend request?

I’ve met some really beautiful souls on FB, who I once was a stranger with, but got along well. Maybe because we share the same ideas. Maybe because after gotta know them, I really liked them as a person. Maybe because we share the same hobbies, maybe because I’m inspired by their work, could be anything.
Well isn’t it what Facebook for?

To follow ppl who keep inspiring others with their posts or art they are good at, to meet ppl who are like minded. To help others, to get help, to share your thoughts, to share your work, we join group to be in touch with certain things (I’m working in IBM because of a group on FB n few kind ppl who help job seekers) we look for their help, we text ppl who we think can help us out, ppl reach out to us if they need any help.

So why should I keep the privacy that neither ppl can send request nor reach out to me via inbox?
Oh, just because some morons can send me vulgar msgs?
Well, I don’t care.
N I ain’t gonna keep that privacy as well.
N if that makes few retards to send me stupid texts, then……. well: D
(We need to teach those morons a lesson, instead of keeping that privacy who can keep even the beautiful ppl away from you! ;) )

Btw, thanks a lot for all the ppl out there who took a min to drop me an msg of appreciation!
Have got 200+ msgs n hard to reply to everyone’s text, so :)”

The user at least got frightened and deactivated the account.


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