Horoscope: Your day Today

Get together with your mate, best friend or partner for some seasonal celebrations… do something on the spur of the moment that you have always wanted to do. It will be good for your soul!
Spending time with your family members is also favoured, so consider a going for a picnic lunch or a bicycle ride together. Fresh air and good company are all you really need today.
There might be some difficulty navigating your professional world today. This isn’t your best day to sign contracts, negotiate important deals or even make a verbal agreement. The waters are murky.
It will be all too easy to fight over petty differences and hurt egos today. Take a deep breath and focus on the work at hand. You can get a lot accomplished if you block out the bickering and concentrate on your responsibilities.
Your communication ability today stands out in a fortunate way today. You may be asked to be the teacher in some capacity. Whether you planned on being seen as an authority on a subject or not is beside the point. Today, you are the expert.
You have a private sense of what makes you happy and content that you finally share with others. This will inspire for sure, however it may seem unrealistic in the eyes of some.
Be sure to enlist the help of a friend or a group you are affiliated with today as you make an important personal decision. The advice you get from pals is well worth listening to.
Be sure to take inspired action today in the pursuit of a personal goal. There’s favourable energy on your side for an out-of-the- blue positive result.
Stars will enable you to truly assert yourself through your words and thoughts. You will be thinking about yourself rather than others.
You are attracted by the wit and charm of a certain someone, possibly a colleague or person connected with work. You will also be determined in coming weeks to improve the atmosphere and relationships at work, possibly by beautifying or redecorating. This could be the beginning of something big!
Stars will have your mind in overdrive. It’s possible that you could make a hasty decision about finances today and prove your siblings correct after all.
Children seem to be extensions of yourself, rather than individuals in their own right. Remember, what they do (or don’t do) is not necessarily a reflection on you.


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