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These are the 10 Foods You Should never eat On An Empty Stomach

The tone of your day is set by how you start a day. Having a healthy morning routine is important to stay healthy and positive. Your breakfast is also part of your morning routine and helps you get a head start on the day by satisfying your hunger and providing you with energy.

However, people are not aware that there are food items, which you should not eat in the morning on an empty stomach. These foods will make you lethargic and increase your body weight. Here is a list of food items you should avoid eating in the morning.

1. Pancakes and waffles

Several cafes and fast food chains offering Western breakfast including pancakes and muffins, there is a rise in the number of people opting for this instead of the traditional Indian breakfast food. Pancakes and waffles contain milk, eggs, flour and sugar. Although they contain proteins, both waffles and pancakes are made using plain flour or maida, which contribute to obesity and insulin resistance.

2. Tomatoes

Eating tomatoes in the morning on an empty stomach is not advisable as they contain tannic acid in high concentration and this increases the stomach acidity. It can result in gastric ulcers.

3. Jam

Kids love jams on their toast but eating it is not healthy as it is just carbohydrate. Jam is a sugary, high calorie breakfast. Instead of jam, try to eat eggs with your toast and avoid processed meat like sausages. Try to use multi-grain bread instead of white bread.

4. Packed fruit juice

Fruit juices are considered healthy and they are one of the popular food items if you are trying to lose weight and avoid hunger. However, the packed fruit juices you get in stores are far from healthy. Many of these contain small amount of actual juice and more of sugar. High sugar content can up the risk of type 2 diabetes, obesity and other diseases.

5. Breakfast cereals

Many of us consume breakfast cereals as they are convenient and as per its label, there are added nutrients. Actually, these are processed product with lots of artificial color, sugar and little cereals. Many of these products have high levels of sugar and may increase the risk of heart diseases, obesity and other health issues.

6. Carbonated drinks

Drinking carbonated drinks in the morning is a very bad idea. It can decrease the blood supply to the stomach and harm your mucous membranes. This will lead to improper or slow digestion.

7. Protein bar/Granola bar/ Breakfast bar

Although it is sold as a breakfast option, granola bars are not very healthy. Many of these bars contain high levels of sugar, honey and corn syrup. The content of sugar increases with the add ons like chocolate chips and other flavors. These bars also lack fiber and protein.

8. Sweetened yogurt

Eating yogurt with fresh fruits is one of the healthiest breakfast but when you buy it from the store, it usually contains preservatives, artificial flavor and are usually high in sugar. Try to have Greek yogurt with fresh fruits.

9. Raw vegetables

Vegetables are good for your health but you shouldn’t eat them in the morning on an empty stomach as it can lead to stomach pain. The amino acid present in the vegetables can cause flatulence and heartburn. Raw veggies can also irritate the lining of your stomach.

10. Smoothies from the store

The smoothies bought from the store are not as healthy as you think. They contain full-fat milk or ice cream and loads of sugar. It is advisable to make your own smoothie using Greek yogurt and fresh fruits.

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