Do flights scare you? Here’s how to tackle air-travel anxiety

The airline industry has witnessed a tremendous growth over the decade. Air travel has transformed from being a rich man’s luxury to a commoner’s accessibility.

The Indian government too–through its newly launched UDAN (Ude Desh Ka Aam Nagrik) programme, is ensuring that air travel becomes affordable and  easily accessible to all.

For any first-timer at an airport, the detailed procedure of boarding might turn out to be a terrible experience. Even otherwise, those travelling regularly, also cannot escape the anxiety of air travel. More often than not, they feel hassled, worrying over the long queue at the check-in counter, security check, thinking they might ultimately miss their flight.

This distress can easily be taken care of. Next time you are flying, follow these tips and avoid the tensions at the airport.

  •  Keep yourself updated

While you are preparing for your journey, ensure that you double-check the departure time and the carrier’s name on your ticket. Keep a track of the flight status; know the exact location of your origin and destination airports.

  • Don’t be late

It is always advisable to reach the airport at least two hours ahead of the boarding time. Make sure you know about the route you are taking to the airport. Check the traffic status and leave accordingly. This will help you avoid last-minute hurry-burry. In fact, reaching a little early is not that bad anyway.

  • Time to be tech-savvy

Reasons, you ask? It leaves behind the risk of forgetting or misplacing your printed ticket. For, you can now use the e-ticket to carry on the proceedings. As now all carriers have introduced the option of web check-in, you need not waste your crucial minutes at the long queue outside the counter. It can help you choose your preferred seat, much in advance.

  • Carry only what you need

And if that amounts to a lot of luggage, weigh and ensure that you don’t exceed the limit. It is always better to avoid carrying excess baggage as it not only saves you from the constant shuffling of luggage but also your fellow passengers from the trouble caused by it. The key is to pack smart. And if you can manage your trip on a hand baggage, nothing can be more better. You don’t even need to queue up at the counter if you have already checked-in online.

  • Enjoy your time at the airport

The best part about reaching ahead of your time is that it gives you the chance to explore the airport. With leading brand stores and food outlets, airports today have doubled up as attractions. If you are not interested in shopping, just grab a meal, sit at some corner and relax by listening to music, watching a movie on your laptop, or reading a book.





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