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Asian heroin dealers arrested in Ras Al Khaimah

The Ras Al Khaimah police nabbed two Asian residents involved in peddling heroin in the northern emirate.Col Adnan Ali Al Zaabi, director of the anti-narcotics department of the RAK police, on Tuesday said that they were first alerted when an unidentified person walked away to escape a traffic inspection point.

“The suspect left his car behind with heroin and other narcotics in it,” he said.

“The anti-narcotics department initiated investigations and started collecting evidence to track down the suspect.”he said.

After a while, the team successfully managed to identify the suspect, he added. “He turned out to be an Asian resident implicated in trafficking in drugs which he smuggled in the country.”

The suspect had been using different techniques to cover his identity and remain hidden from the law enforcement bodies, Col Zaabi said.

“Based on the information and evidences collected, the RAK police put the suspect on a close surveillance. They set up a trap, and arrested him red-handed while peddling drugs.”

The items he used in weighing, dividing, wrapping and distributing the drugs were also found in his possession, he stated. “Investigations showed that the suspect was a professional drug dealer.”

Heroin and knives were also found on him, he disclosed. “Another suspect, who was assisting him in peddling the contraband, was also apprehended,” he added. “The duo was referred to the RAK public prosecution for legal action.”

Late last April, the RAK Customs officers had foiled a bid to smuggle 2kg of pure heroin, worth some Dh1 million, as per street market value, at one of the emirate’s crossing borders.

Col Zaabi said studies show that young people aged 14-20 are not well aware of the consequences of addiction to drugs – some of which are affordable and easily accessible.

“It is not only the responsibility of law enforcement bodies to curb drugs, it is rather an onus of all members of the society.” he added.

“Heroin abuse is associated with serious health conditions, spanning fatal overdose and spontaneous abortion. “It also leads to infectious diseases, like AIDS and hepatitis.” Roua Abd Elalim, a pharmacist told.


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