5 bizarre fashion trends from around the world

Fashion can make you look beautiful, could make you be stylish, will make you graceful could add a statement to your looks and perhaps sometimes could make you look crazy.

Here are a few fashion trends around the which is upright bizarre in every sense.

POINTED BOOTS, Mexico Guarachero boots: This feature extremely pointy toes and are worn by men in rural Mexico -have now found their way to mainstream fashion. They form the subject of competitions in Mexico to see who has the pointiest ends. As the toes got pointier and pointier, they found their way to Hispanic communities in the US and have recently been spotted on runways in Paris.


EYEBALL TATTOOS, Canada: If you thought coloured contact lenses were extreme, then get a load of this -people are dyeing their eyeballs all sorts of colours. This procedure was originally prescribed for people with scratch-marked eye tissues to improve their vision. However, it has become a trend of sorts, with people dyeing their eyeballs black, blue and green.


BEAN SPROUT HAIR CLIPS, China:  A popular social media and street fashion in China are bean sprout hair clips. These plastic sprigs of greenery are sold by street vendors and are worn antennae style in one’s hair. And they aren’t just for kids and women -men are wearing them too!


LOLITA FASHION, Japan: This is a fashion subculture popular in Japan in which girls dress up in Victorian-inspired attire like corsets, floor-length skirts, blouses, knee-high socks, stockings and head dresses. There are types of Lolita style -Gothic Lolita (a combination of Gothic and Lolita fashion, seen in picture), Sweet Lolita (influenced by Victorian and Edwardian clothing), Classic Lolita (inspired by Regency and Victorian styles) and Old school Lolita (a version of any current sub-style of Lolita fashion).


HITLER CHIC, Thailand Bangkok: It seems, has been invaded by Hitler, and we don’t mean in the political sense. There are Hitlerized versions of all sorts of things -from T-shirts and sweatshirts to pandas and even Teletubbies -being sold in the city.



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